Crédit Agricole

Concept/ UX-UI Design / Website


Crafting a new vision for the Crédit Agricole consumers' website.

With a customer base of 52 million worldwide, Crédit Agricole Group stands as a French multinational banking powerhouse and the globe's foremost cooperative financial institution. At Avanade Studio, we embarked on a concept venture, responding to a tender focused on overhauling the Italian B2C website and associated platforms. Our objective was to bolster their digital services and online presence.

The concept development spanned three weeks:

  • In the initial week, we delved into exhaustive market research, scrutinizing competitors and dissecting Credit Agricole's digital ecosystem. This phase involved a holistic rethinking of the entire ecosystem and the primary information architecture.
  • The subsequent week was dedicated to meticulously refining the user experience, crafting detailed wireframes for pages and segments within the chosen user journey.
  • The final week culminated in visual enhancements, prototyping, and the presentation of our comprehensive concept.

✺ Client
Crédit Agricole

✺ Date

✺ Design With
Marco Miccichè, Angolo Oldani,
Francesco Ghedin

✺ Design Studio
Avanade Italy


Design Principles

These design principles, born during the ideation phase, serve as guiding pillars inspiring the creation of the new Crédit Agricole website. They play a crucial role in upholding consistency and coherence across the digital ecosystem, ultimately enhancing brand perception and user experience.

• Simplicity
TOur product's true success hinges on its simplicity. A streamlined interface ensures that even complex products remain user-friendly, empowering end-users with ease of navigation.

• Transparency
Trust is rooted in transparency. Clear, user-centric communication—particularly on mobile platforms—nurtures an intuitive browsing experience, fostering trust through honest and straightforward messaging.

• Identity
A recognizable visual identity is pivotal for an exceptional customer journey. Consistency across all touchpoints, from physical to digital, strategically positions and defines the brand's essence within the market.

Digital Ecosystem

Redefining Crédit Agricole's Digital ecosystem.

We conducted an extensive analysis of Crédit Agricole's scattered digital ecosystem, striving to consolidate the user experience by centralizing all essential content and services in one accessible platform.


Information architecture

We revamped the core structure of the Crédit Agricole website to ensure intuitive and logical navigation for users.

The primary level categories now provide tailored access to information and products based on customer segments. Additionally, we emphasized institutional sections to instill a sense of trust and stability in the bank and its group.


Visual Language

The color palette and typography selections serve as the cornerstone of Crédit Agricole's digital identity.



The design approach for Crédit Agricole's homepage and all other site pages revolves around utilizing a predefined set of reusable components.

The visual coherence and adaptability of these components play a crucial role in significantly reducing the cognitive load for site visitors. This approach ensures clear and intuitive navigation, fostering a harmonious and easily accessible digital environment for users.


The menu provides quick access to products and institutional information, simplifying the interface for a scalable layout across various devices.

The homepage, a central hub for various contents, features the configurator functionality – a tool that addresses user needs by guiding them toward the most suitable products, enriching the experience with versatility across different platforms.



Our website employs a flexible, modular, and fully responsive system, guaranteeing a flawless user experience across diverse devices.


Support area

The Support Area is easily accessible through a dedicated panel, allowing users to navigate the section without leaving their current task.

With a dedicated page for support, simplicity and transparency were the guiding principles in designing an efficient and user-friendly support experience.

Support Panel

Support page