Avanade Studio Italy

Brand Identity / UX-UI Design / Website


Design the brand identity and the website of the Milan Digital Innovation Studio.

At Avanade, we had the chance to design a new concept for the brand identity and the website of the Milan Digital Innovation Studio.

We started by analyzing the competitors, the market, and the context to define the best strategy and direction to follow. Guided by our design principles, we came up with a strong proposal to maintain a link with the Avanade environment but with a new brand positioning.

✺ Client
Avanade Italy

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✺ Design With
Marco Miccichè, Francesca Maio,
Angelo Oldani


Design Principles

Design principles are fundamental guidelines used in the design process to steer decisions and create meaningful, coherent experiences. Each principle reflects a key idea or approach that contributes to the overall quality and impact of the design.

• Repetition
The repetition of shapes works in concert with each other design elements to strengthen our style and create strong visual patterns.

• Contrast
We use contrast to create highlights and convey our messages focusing on the essential.

• Immersion
We believe in immersive experience to connecting people emotionally.

BRAND Identity

We are creating Avanade.Studio a sub-brand dedicated to the design unit to reinforce the brand's position in the industry.


visual language

The black and white geometries employed dynamically convey the distinctive character and essence of the studio.


The visual representation of Milan Digital Innovation Studio's commitment to sparking change and driving digital transformation in every project.



The patterns created for the brand identity come to life as animated and interactive elements on the website.

We embraced a prototyping strategy and paid meticulous attention to detail to craft a highly interactive user experience. Each component was specifically designed to enhance content discoverability and the end user's overall experience.